14 May 2021 – Her Secrets

One night, her bra off,
glass of Zinfandel in hand,
end-of-week weary,
she tells me all her secrets:
“You never guessed it?
All of us are frauds and fakes!
Drag-dressed imposters
impersonating females,
the birth endowments
how to tell we’re women, screw
that Mars and Venus
pigeon-holing compost-heap!
Repeated passes,
potters mold our spinning heads,
awakening in
adolescence to a world
where everybody
begins to view us strangely
like a wrecking ball,
forbidden pastries, roadside bombs,
and merit badges.
Not much choice but recognize
that’s how they play this,
just don’t lose all self-respect.”
Sounds like my story…


14 May 2021 – Sonnet (ancient cravings)

Blessed be this pest exterminator
who’s parked beside me at a Burger King!
Friday’s angel, Heaven’s fumigator,
censing stogie hymns, and every cell sings!
Ancient cravings called, uncoil, a caveman’s
fascination with the lightning’s leavings
as well as burning leaves! Spare the lifespan
wind-curtailment comments, I’m still grieving!
Abandoning my briars – all for love –
the fear of loss, the terror in her eyes.
Love gladly limits former joys indulged
to spare the lover anguished, wrenching sighs.
That doesn’t mean the puppet strings are gone!
This monkey skull would light up for a song!


13 May 2021 – Sonnet

Grandma had no better plan than dying.
Summertime, between the first and second
evil years of high-school. Mom was crying
all summer long. A two week reckoning
with all her mothers purses, clothes, and shoes
fed to a bonfire in the old backyard,
where I was held a hostage and was stewed
in mom’s explosive mourning, love so hard –
I had no way or where to run away –
sister married off, dad fifteen-hundred
miles East guiding tacticians as they played
‘what if’ future battles. How, I wondered,
can anybody guess what comes tonight?
Life? Death? Or mama, itching for a fight?


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